Urban Pup

Urban Pup defines all things pet fashion. All the clothes your dog needs are here for them to feel dressed up and ready for the town!

The brand was founded in 2007 by pet lovers who were fashion forward and wanted their pets to feel extra special when out and about. Urban Pup combines fashionable with practical, allowing your pup to be warm and safe in style. 

But Urban Pup is not only for the fashion conscious. We are sure that nearly all pet owners will find something they adore within this collection, be it harnesses, leads, bandanas or toys!

Made from only the highest quality materials, you can be sure that all the Urban Pup range are made to the highest standard and finished lovingly with detail. They are easy to put on and take off, meaning your pup can enjoy looking adorable while going about their daily activities!


The Collection




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Urban Pup Leopard Print Harness
Urban Pup Pink Hearts Harness
Urban Pup Urban Pup Pink Floral Cascade Harness XX-Small
Urban Pup Pink/Blue Floral Burst Harness
Urban Pup Carnaby Polka Dot PVC Waterproof Raincoat - Pink
Urban Pup Carnaby Polka Dot PVC Waterproof Raincoat - Red
Urban Pup Plush and Fluffy Terry Bathrobe - Pink
Urban Pup Red Checked Tartan Harness
Urban Pup Vintage Rose Floral Harness
Urban Pup Leopard Print Bandana
Urban Pup Camouflage Bandana
Urban Pup Fuschia Pink Tartan Bandana
Urban Pup Urban Pup Blue Tartan Bandana
Urban Pup Camouflage Harness
Urban Pup Fuschia Pink Tartan Harness
Urban Pup Blue Tartan Harness